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Birth and Postpartum Services and Support

Every birth is special. Whether it takes place at the hospital or at home, each is beautiful and deserving of celebration. No matter how you birth your baby, everyone can benefit from having an experienced Doula present at the moment of delivery. Contact us to learn more about our services, and how can we help you bring your own child into this beautiful world.


  Our Story

We see pregnancy, birth, and the growth of a family as one of the most beautiful things about humanity. As a passionate Holistic Practitioner, Midwife, Educator and Doula, We are privileged to help women and their partners make these experiences as positive and healthy as possible. We are proud to have received our certification and offer support to women and families across the Atlanta area.


Our Services

As Birthing Professionals, We pride ourselves in providing you and your partner with care, understanding, information, and support throughout, during, and after the birthing process. Our initial meeting will help us tailor our packages to fit your needs, as every pregnancy is different. To schedule an initial consultation, or to learn more about our practice, please contact me.

Lactation Support

Midwife Homebirths

Childbirth Classes

Postpartum Support

Skin Care Services

Doula Birthing Guidance

Parenting Classes

Virtual Doula Services

Holistic Care

Perinatal Mental Health

Prenatal Visits


"Good things come to those who wait"

Violet Fane


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